Welcome to the Legion of Good Will’s Spirit and Science World Forum. This is a space open for fraternal dialogue between various sectors in society created to encourage wider debate on issues that are important to people. It also presents the contributions of different areas of spiritual and human knowledge for building a more solidary, altruistic, and ecumenical society, the aim being to implement its propositions in the pragmatic field of civil society achievements.

Paiva Netto addresses participants of the LGW’s Spirit and Science World Forum
Paiva Netto addresses participants of the LGW’s Spirit and Science World Forum, which he created in 2000 to be a permanent and unbiased space for debate and exchange between scientific and religious knowledge.

Created by Paiva Netto, the President of the Legion of Good Will, the Forum held its first edition on October 18-21, 2000, in the World Parliament of Ecumenical Fraternity, the LGW’s ParlaMundi, in Brasília/DF (Brazil), when the topic “Science and Faith on the Path to Equilibrium” was debated. It brought together scientists, religious people, researchers, and scholars from Brazil and abroad, who presented their different views on the main topic. Given the success of this initiative and its successful outcome, the Forum became a permanent activity.

Paiva Netto

Paiva Netto, deviser and creator of the LGW’s Spirit and Science World Forum.

With regard to the Forum’s role, Paiva Netto said: “When launching the proposal for the opening of a democratic and ecumenical forum at the ParlaMundi of the LGW, my purpose was to create a space for solidary and fruitful debates, and consequently encourage dialogue on crucial topics for the understanding of our existence on this tiny planet, as well as of our stage in the hierarchy of the Cosmos. To that end, the aim was to reach a conciliation between human and spiritual understanding in the different areas of knowledge.”

“It is with great joy that I see such idealism thrive, thus generating fruits of wisdom and examples of harmony so crucial in current times.”

“That explains why for decades I have stated: Science (brain, mind), enlightened by Love (Religion, fraternal heart) elevates human beings to conquer Truth."


Because the LGW’s Spirit and Science World Forum is permanent, different actions are carried out throughout the year, such as:



Plenary sessions of the
LGW’s Spirit and Science World Forum

The first plenary session of the LGW’s Spirit and Science World Forum brought together renowned personalities from Brazil and abroad to discuss the topic “Science and Faith on the Path to Equilibrium,” which took place from October 18 to 21, 2000, in the LGW’s ParlaMundi.

Considered by the press to be the biggest event of its kind ever held in Latin America, the Forum surpassed all expectations in its first plenary session in terms of public and its audience on the Internet, having attracted wide publicity in the press in Brazil and abroad.

After successive preparatory congresses in 2002 and 2003, the second plenary session was held on October 20-23, 2004, and dealt with the topic “Discussing Death and Life After It.” Throughout the event, Brazilian and foreign speakers shared important knowledge and addressed this subject that is vital for human beings.

A new plenary session is being planned, with a date yet to be defined. It will discuss the topic: “Ecce Deus!”, and will bring together different scientific and religious views about God and the idea of divinity and the sacred.

Thematic congresses

Thematic congresses take place on a regular basis to deal with the many topics that have been suggested and voted on by the public, such as: “Education for a Culture of Peace,” “Science and Faith in Building Peace,” “God and Business Ethics,” “The Sustainable Being,” “Spirituality, Health, and Science,” and “Investigating Spirit, Brain, and Mind.”

World Parliament of Ecumenical
Fraternity, the LGW’s ParlaMundi


Inaugurated by Paiva Netto on December 25, 1994, in Brasília/DF, (Brazil), the LGW’s ParlaMundi is the headquarters of the Spirit and Science World Forum. In the words of its deviser and founder, the ParlaMundi’s mission is: “The World Parliament of Ecumenical Fraternity’s doors are open to all Beings of Good Will. It proposes the universal reconciliation of all spiritual and human knowledge in a powerful force at the service of the people. Discord, radicalism, hostilities of all types must remain distant from religious, philosophical, political, scientific, economic, artistic, sporting, and all other debates and propositions, because human beings are born on Earth to live in society, a Solidary, Altruistic, and Ecumenical Society.”

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